Taking The Chair


Caroline Broadhead and Maisie Broadhead worked together on a body of work that followed the threads of their individual working processes and combine to create a series of images that are both instantly recognisable and unfamiliar.

A number of paintings by Vermeer, Velasquez, Magritte and Hogarth have been chosen because of the inclusion of an empty chair. Each has a sense of absence, anticipation of someone having just left about or perhaps to take their place there.

The paintings provided reference points, which were used and interpreted loosely or irreverently. Caroline used old chairs, stripping them, deconstructing them, fixing the effects of strong light upon them or making a play between three dimensions and two, which were figured in Maisie’s constructed new narratives, transposing those of the 16th or 17th century to ones that resonate in the 21st.

Photography: Philip Sayer